Plus Size Designers & Boutiques For Thick N' Sassy Fashion Shows

All  designers are welcome to attend the model castings, however if you do  not attend the castings , Thick N’ Sassy will assign you models based on  your size requirements and model needs.

Size Requirements For Designers Collections 12 – 22.

Thick  N’ Sassy.Com provides the show-space at no charge to the designer. This  includes: venue, audio-visual, scenic setup, and maintenance. The entry  fee serves as earnest money entitling designers to marketing &  commercial benefits and show production services.  Thick N’ Sassy.Com is  able to offer you this opportunity at a fraction of a cost, thanks to  our generous sponsors and supporters.

Designer Package Includes:

    All Models provided
    Preparation and changing area for models
    Logo advertised on the  Thick N' Sassy's website

    Download photographs directly from the Thick N' Sassy website