Thick N Sassy's Model & Etiquette Bootcamp

Professional Model Training For Aspiring Models


Thick N Sassy's Model & Etiquette Bootcamp is a workshop that trains aspiring models and non models the fundamentals of modeling such as: etiquette, runway techniques, posing and photo shoots, how to prepare for auditions/go-sees, building a proper portfolio,

self-confidence, makeup/skincare!

We provide attendees valuable knowledge and skills in getting started the right way, which could increase your chances of getting signed with a reputable talent agency, and booking more gigs as a model! Models who complete the model bootcamp may also be considered to walk in the Thick N Sassy's 2019 Curvy Queens Fashion Show!

Bootcamp Schedule:

September 27, 2019

Total Cost: $75.00

Time: 3PM - 7:00PM



13740 Midway Rd Suite 714, Dallas, TX 75244 

Installment Plans Are Available

Deadline for Last Payment September 20, 2019




Image & Etiquette

Learn grace, poise, personality, charm. Knowing how to present yourself is critical. People judge you by what they see and what you do. 

Make Up & Skin Care

Proper makeup application and skin care so you are always looking your best for photography, film and television. 

Runway Training

Poise and Posture, Walking in heels, Working with clothing, Facial Expressions and Developing a Modeling Stance. 

Model & Runway 101

Interviewing skills, How to build your confidence and self-esteem, Modeling Terminology, How to gain experience and build up your modeling resume/portfolio, and how to prepare for an audition.


 How to prepare for a photo shoot and posing techniques to get the best photos. Learning the difference between editorial and commercial photography.