Thick N’ Sassy was created on three principals: Self-Esteem, Self-Love, & Self-Respect. These are the three foundations of self. These foundations are very important factors to help motivate women to realize their true potential and to realize their self-worth. Thick N’ Sassy is proud to have been doing this through our fashion shows and showcases for over 5 years. Our sponsors make that possible by providing a monetary gift to underwrite our expenses, or donate goods or services as an ‘in-kind’ sponsor. We also collaborate for customized sponsorships.

Sponsorship Principles

Thick N’ Sassy.Com success is based on sponsor generosity. Thick N’ Sassy uses many ways to acknowledge company and individual sponsors publicly, including coverage at events, press releases, in our newsletters and correspondence. While we do not endorse specific products and services, we are proud to promote the corporations and individuals who have in motivate women to love themselves and encourage high self-esteem 

​Thick N’ Sassy  sponsorships!

Corporate Sponsorships Corporate

​Corporate Sponsorships Corporate sponsors play a critical role in achieving Thick N' Sassy Y goals. We appreciate the involvement of company sponsors in our activities, and strive to deliver the highest quality programs and recognition to corporate sponsors through awards programs, press releases, our web site, events, and newsletters. We are always pleased to visit any sponsor location for health fairs, wellness events, or to tell how the company has joined in motivate women to love themselves and encourage high self-esteem by supporting Thick N' Sassy.

Personal Sponsorships

​Thick N' Sassy appreciates our individual and family sponsors, and the personal endorsement these monetary gifts represent. Recognition is based on the individual/family preference.

Customized Sponsorships 

​Contact the Foundation to propose and discuss a custom made sponsorship opportunity that meets the needs of your organization and 

Thick N' Sassy at Sponsorships Corporate